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Gemma. 26. UK. Professional science nerd, amateur history nerd, slightly goth.

I like terrible puns, ugly clothes, historical dickheads, and downer endings.

Sometimes I write silly fics and AU ideas about dead people. Feel free to join in.

I also run fuckyeahcharlesthesecond. No regrets, just Charlie.


guys never realize that. 


guys never realize that. 

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Macabre Gadgets - Rings made of industrial materials and inexpensive stones for its durable and flexible nature.

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*sends protective London vibes from London*

This is both strange and lovely, thank you :D

feel hugged! <3

Thank you <3

in other news I’m suddenly and inexplicably nervous about going to London tomorrow






*strums guitar* stop pretending shakespeare is just for the intellectual elite his parents literally couldn’t read *plays sick solo*

this is very true. also…

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^This. I’ve ben trying to think of a way to explain why I reblogged the post earlier without coming across as a) an arsehole b) defensive or c) a defensive arsehole and this is more or less what I wanted to say, thanks!


there’s nothing more satisfying than being an asshole in mario kart

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I just want you guys to know that it took me the whole afternoon to dye my hair because it’s a giant uncontrollable bastard